Back in 2015 I was commisioned to create a series of posters for alternative electronic project VNV Nation. RESONANCE consists of tracks selected from their back catalogue reimagined for orchestra and performed live. The album was recorded in the Babelsberg Studios outside Berlin.
Main Poster: Resonance focuses on  a orchestral approach, so using some clasical musical instruments for the layout to convey that idea was a no-brainer.
Poster B: Vintage Microphones have very interesting shapes and represent a throwback to big band orchestras and singers.
Poster C (Unused) Vintage Radio: from a time when families and friends gather around the aforementioned device to enjoy music and news of the world.
Artwork Detail
UNUSED ARTWORK: (Left) Compendium poster was meant to promote the first 20 years of VNV Nation
(Right) an alternate vintage microphone.
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