This 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the forgotten gems of the 90's Joe Johnston's The Rocketeer; In the Disney film  Cliff Secord is a cocky stunt pilot in love with a beautiful actress, Jenny Blake . When he discovers a jet pack hidden in a biplane, Cliff straps on the rocket, dons a flashy helmet and becomes the high-flying hero known as The Rocketeer.

This vector artwork tribute was created in Adobe Illustrator.
Main Poster: Created to convey the feeling of high velocity flight representative of the character.
Teaser Poster: Focused on the mystery sorrounding the character's identity.
A different approach to the main poster this time changing the pose of the character.
(Left) Main poster original sketch, (right) some early studies of the Rocketeer character from different views.
Behind the scenes: Preview of the vector artwork
Original Teaser Trailer for the film
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