I was commissioned a couple of months ago by the Zócalo Group to create a poster for the new campaign of "Skippy" the international brand of peanut butter and the final piece was used on the Skippy social media and tumblr page.
The central idea of the campaign was to spoof very known films in this case Gone With the Wind
Here is the documented process:
Final Poster
Reference picture for the jar.
After the idea was aprooved I did a more polished sketch focusing on the detail of the elements as seen in the film original poster but with a more humorous approach, The fun Nut and the Skippy Jar had to be the focus of the poster.
The title : GONE TO THE STORE instead of  Gone With the Wind helped a lot and give me the context that allowed me to use a store building and a couple of fun peanuts racing to the store in the shopping cars.
After that I traced the pieced as vectors and added the text.
Poster Detail
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