About two years ago I was contacted by Ronan Harris the frontman of the electronic band VNV Nation, I collaborated with the band and created to posters for their world tour: Transnational you can check the project here.
This year I was approached again to create a series of poster for the new band tour: Resonance, with the Babelsberg film Orchestra.
The first poster is a dynamic representation fo a cello view from perspective as it is approaching the viewer from far away, I wanted that the orchestral quality of the album to be present in a way.
The second poster is a vintage microphone used for radio shows in the 30's -40´ ,Ronan loves this arctifacts and even though the model of microphone they use is very diferent this one stood out as a very iconic image in my mind, it also helped tha the rounded quality of the wire around it helped to acomodate the soundwaves.
There are many vintage michrophones with very interesting shapes around there, maybe another could make it to an upcoming design,  Who knows?
The album is available NOW and you can get it HERE
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