I was comissioned by the  ZOCALO GROUP to illustrate the infographics for the Exxon Mobil: The Outlook for Energy.

Initial designs for the elements on the vehicles infographic, some of them became more simplified in the final versions.
Original designs for the vehicles.
The Outlook for Energy is ExxonMobil’s global view of energy demand and supply through 2040. We use the data and findings to help guide our long-term investments. It also highlights the dual challenge of ensuring the world has access to affordable and reliable energy supplies while reducing emissions to address the risk of climate change. We share the Outlook with the public to help promote a better understanding of the issues shaping the world’s energy needs.
A comparison between the sketch provided by the art director and the final artwork.
Other finished infographics for the project inculde: Technology, Electricity and Energy demand and management.
The Outlook for Energy includes Exxon Mobil Corporation’s internal estimates and forecasts of energy demand, supply, and trends through 2040 based upon internal data and analyses as well as publicly available information from external sources including the International Energy Agency. You can explore the entire project infographics at EXXON's website.
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